Our Approach

The Beginning

The founder of Master Lawn Service started in lawn maintenance over a decade ago. He worked hard and learned to be an excellent gardener and lawn care provider. He also had a dream to expand his operation,  and five years ago Master Touch Lawn Service was formally born.
Making your home look beautiful is what MTLS is passionate about. We pour our hearts into our work, so you can take pride in your home. It is our vision to turn every homeowner into a long-term relationship by offering excellent lawn maintenance that is consistent and worry-free.

Our Mission is simple.
Quality | Caring | Efficiency



We Want To Be Your Favorite Gardner For Life

At Master Touch Lawn Service we want to provide you with an amazing experience. We love to listen to your needs and turn your ideas into reality, on time and on budget!




Prep For Sale Services

Residential | Condo 

If you need to prepare your home for listing, you should see about a Sale Preparation Service. Call us today to schedule a service. We will come in and provide a clean-up to give you the look you need to sell your home fast. Photo ready, and worry-free, you will be happy you made the call.

master clean up

Clean up & Removal

Blackberry | Weeds | Japanese Knotweed

No matter how jungle-like your yard has become, MTLS will provide the clean-up you need to reclaim your yard. We include the clean-up, removal, hauling, and dumping of debris to make this an experience you will be pleased with. You will be proud to call your home “Home” again.


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Lawn Extraordinaire

Healthy Looking | Lush

We are lawn maintenance experts for residential, condos, and rental properties. We mow, mulch, and edge your lawn for a beautiful and professional looking finish.

Call Us For A Healthy Look!

Call Us today for a consultation and open possibilities to a greater, nicer, healthier and lush looking lawn the Master Touch Way!