Lawn Care Experts

At Master Touch Lawn Care, we are maintenance experts. For over a decade we have been beautifying lawns in the Puget Sound area. We provide great care and dedication to your project no matter how large or small. We are ready to provide that Master Touch and make you proud of your yard.
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Residential Is Our Focus

We know your home is a place of happiness and relaxation that you are proud of and enjoy. Let us use our Master Touch on your lawn to make it so all year long. Our focus is landscaping maintenance, general clean up, mowing and other services for all residential properties.

Let MTLS take care of you all year round.

We are Gardeners First & Home For Sale Prep

We love flora, and we speak their language
by being gardeners first with extensive plant knowledge. When we visit your property will share with you the state of your trees, bushes, flowers. You will be surprised how many homeowners treat a dormant plant as a dead one. Yes!, some of your nice yards decore can be saved. Also at Master Touch Lawn Services, we prepare your home for sale focusing on the most cosmetic points needed.

We Are Your "Master Touch" Lawn Service Providers

We love plants, grass, flower beds, and keeping your yard beautiful. Call us Today for the right touch. We love to develop long-term relationships.
One time visit or maintenance every week?
Need to make your home stand-out for a sale?
No problem, MTLS can help when you need it.

Let Us Protect Your Properties & Keep them Beautifull

At MTLS we care about you, the safety and image of your home and properties. Let us protect your investment by keeping it looking nice all year round.
We are residential lawn maintenance experts focused on intentional caring.
No matter how large or small the job is, we are ready for the task.

...We have the Master Touch.



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